Sheepdogs protecting those who can’t defend themselves

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I remember discussing the “sheepdog” metaphor with loads of others on forums and in conversations for the last decade.

The Sheepdog metaphor essentially asserts that there are three kinds of people in the U.S.:

  1. Sheep (the mass of unprepared, untrained and unaware prey);
  2. Wolves (the group of criminal, deranged, and evil-doers who prey on the sheep);
  3. Sheepdogs (the small group of dogs who live peacefully among the sheep and are generally the guardians of the flock).

Sheep normally live their entire day moving in a flock and generally have very little awareness of their world. Wolves shadow the flock, looking for the easy prey on the edge; the young, the old and the weak. These wolves normally can attack with impunity if they can avoid the flock’s ram since there is very little the ewes and lambs can do to defend themselves except run. The ram lacks fangs and claws and really can only use it’s curled horns to ram and butt predators.  Even then, the ram is essentially just another sheep.

The sheepdog lives peacefully with the flock, walking on the edge, keeping a wary eye out for wolves. It’s Canis lupus familiaris genus (or the older classification of Canis domesticus) means if often looks remarkably like its ancient ancestor Canis lupus, the wolf. Sheepdogs are possessed of certain qualities like loyalty, courage, discipline, vigilance and intelligence. The sheepdog also has fangs, claws and a level of aggression that wolves have to respect.

But those are the same things that make sheep nervous. Since sheepdogs remind sheep of the wolf, many sheep would rather that the sheepdogs be defanged and declawed. Or some sheep even want them declared a threat to the flock and tagged as potential domestic terrorist threats or right-wing extremists. They even use the term “lone wolf”.

Sheepdogs can be found in the military, in law enforcement, in security and among responsible citizens. They don’t have to be men, they don’t even have to be in the brotherhood of arms. They are the ones who feel a moral obligation to protect the weak, stand up for the innocent and generally keep evil at bay.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an author and expert on the psychology of killing who has another great take.

Yet, even if you feel you weren’t born a sheepdog, you don’t have to rely on sheepdogs to protect you from wolves.  You can become a sheepdog with the proper mindset and training.

We’ve seen hundreds of women who have developed the confidence to resist sexual assault after gaining the skills to effectively fight off an attacker. We’ve seen complete novices develop into entirely credible gunfighters with the right kind of training.

Get the knowledge you need and start training. You can become your own sheepdog.

We are humans, after all it’s just an metaphor.

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